Need an argumentative essay on ‘Information systems have revolutionised the way we work’. Critically discuss this statement using two concepts from the mod. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.D

Need an argumentative essay on ‘Information systems have revolutionised the way we work’. Critically discuss this statement using two concepts from the mod. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The internet is considered as one of the major infrastructures to drive the new era of information. The innovations of technology have resulted in the widespread application of information systems in organizations, politics as well as in the public sector with the introduction of electronic and digital government models. Discussion E-Government Electronic government is the digital communication process between the public sector and the government bodies through the use of Information systems including internet facilitated operations and communication technologies. The E–Government strategies can be defined as the implementation of the Information Technology and Communication Technology to deliver government services and information smoothly to the public. The digital governance is directed at maintaining the delivery system of government services and improving the internal government processes (Alston, 2003, p.4). The E-Government models can be classified as the following: Government to citizens (G2C), Government to Governments (G2B), Government to Businesses (G2B) and Government to Employees (G2E) and Citizens to Governments (C2G). Electronic government has made public administration process flawless and has also influenced the governments to re-evaluate their business processes and responsibilities across all the levels of the government (Deloitte Touche Consulting, 2012, pp.7-10). Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have enormous administrative potential for helping the government in delivering information and services Information and Communication Technologies can be effectively used to enhance interconnectivity, efficiency, transparency, decentralization and service delivery of the authority. Electronic government has become an important part of public administration in many countries in order to perform these functions more effectively. Four conceptual frameworks can be applied to the E-Government theory (Garson, 2006, p. 45-50). The first framework considers the potential of Information technology Systems in the decentralization of the government processes. The second concept aims towards the limitations of contradictions in the strategy. The third framework is the socio technical framework which evaluates the continuous communication in the government and public environment with the effective use of technology. The last framework is used to supplement the strategy of electronic government with global integration theories. The electronic government has four important dimensions to support the government processes, engage the public and improve the level of government services (Rabaiah, 2010, pp. 51-69). The key dimensions are: Electronic services to ensure delivery of programs, services and information to the citizens in electronic form, electronic management to use information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance the managerial capacity of the body and streamline the government processes, electronic democracy to promote public participation in the decision making processes and electronic commerce to facilitate electronic exchange of goods and services for money. This includes payment of taxes, utility bills, paying for entertainment programs, renewal of vehicle registrations etc. (Mistry, 2012, pp.145-176).

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