Need an argumentative essay on Internet addiction (issue: internet addiction can lead to loneliness. self-esteem and etc. ). Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pag

Need an argumentative essay on Internet addiction (issue: internet addiction can lead to loneliness. self-esteem and etc. ). Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The intent of this brief analysis will be to understand whether or not the way in which humanity currently interacts with the internet is on the whole helpful or harmful – or whether it exhibits key aspects of what can be understood to be an unhealthful and addictive relationship of dependence. The ultimate stakeholders that the research will be attempting to impact will be the parents of children in society that can have the ability and decision making power to constrain the amount of time that these young people spend online. thereby forming positive life habits that will doubtless be exhibited in their own future life. Through such an analysis, this student would like to engage the reader with information concerning how parents must engage in definitive forms of action in order to ensure that subsequent generations do not grow up to become zombie-like internet addicts with poor communication skills and poorly socialized. As such, even though the intended audience is informed of the content and the relevant factors, the discussion will focus upon re-presenting this informative and persuasive information. Firstly, it does not take a great deal of analytical or scientific discovery to realize that the way in which technology and the internet has reshaped and re-classified our world. Moreover, a sociological analysis into the way in which technology has shifted interpersonal dynamics, relationships, and communication has been conducted by a variety of researchers and convincingly pointed to the fact that the current era of texting, instant messaging, Facebook et al. has significantly decreased the amount of time that individuals spend in face-to-face communication and has moved society convincingly towards something of a more introverted nature. Although introversion in and of itself is not necessarily a poor character trait, it must be noted that the overuse and reliance upon these technological tools which have already been discussed has created a dynamic by which formerly extroverted individuals are merely introverted and carrying out a great deal of interpersonal communication that one might otherwise carry out face-to-face via the Internet or other technologically enabled means (Lin et al. 743). However, communication is not the only thing that suffers from an overdependence upon technology. This is a dangerous trend and one that any parent who is interested in raising a well adjusted young adult should be intimately interested in lessening. This increase in virtual communication and decrease in inter-personal/face to face communication has meant that individuals are increasingly uncomfortable to communicate in traditional ways. Accordingly, one of the most negative impacts that technological profusion within society has been able to effect is the decreased ability of individuals to relate to one another. As one might expect, although this impacts upon all stakeholders within society, the extent to which it impacts upon the younger generation is more profound. as these individuals are the demographic that spends the largest percentage of their time online. Another negative impact that the technological profusion and web addiction has effected within the younger generation is the fact that levels of short term memory have been impacted negatively.

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