Need an argumentative essay on Interpersonal. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… Fredric Heider in his 2009 journal, Psychology of Interpersonal Relations

Need an argumentative essay on Interpersonal. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

Fredric Heider in his 2009 journal, Psychology of Interpersonal Relations,” effective interpersonal communication improves not only our communication skills but also influences our tactical approach of understanding our occupation through an insight of our social, cultural and economic background diversities” (p21). To relate with one another we must enhance knowledgeable interactions with the people we meet each day with whom we may have common point of interest or not. But how do we create and maintain long lasting social touch with these individuals? According to Wallace Domenici in his 2007 journal, Face Work: Bridging Theory and Practice,” lasting relations can be achieved through quality communication by understanding our diversities and using the learnt communication skills” (p12). This clearly shows that interpersonal communication serves to achieve qualities like charisma, confidence and optimism in my field of patient care. In reference to Edward Griffins 2009 book, A First Look at Communication Theory, “verbal and nonverbal communication, problem solving, listening skills, negotiation and assertiveness are supplement skills to effective interpersonal communication” (p1), these skills have impacted my field positively as I have handled patients from all corners effectively. We need to incorporate in our mindset that interpersonal communication is inevitable especially in this world where we are all interdependent to a greater or lesser extent. In order to improve the qualities, knowledge and skills in the patient care unit, I have come up with ideas that are a result of extensive observation of interactions between my workmates and the patients. Choosing the right words to the patients is the first creative idea as the patients solely rely on our directions and handling. Secondly, clarification of details will help the patients and fellow workmates to understand their obligations and follow simple rules as directed to them. One the third idea, working as a group will enhance smooth transfer and exchange of our skills to serve the patients in the best manner possible. This is necessitated by variety of needs of patients which may vary from one person’s specialization. Being assertive in expression of what I feel in the care unit will be a ground to improve my relations with colleagues and maintenance of sanity in the patients care unit. In addition to these ideas, reflection of one’s achievements and creation of rapport, will not only integrate the workforce in the patient unit but will also improve our working environment. Personally, extensive application of my interpersonal communication skills has improved by relations with the patient care fraternity in that I can freely express what I feel about various sections of our duties. My overall evaluation on the patients’ satisfaction with our services shows a positive index from the patient’s narrations. On the issue of value, patients are content with the current unit’s environment and psycho-social support the facility is offering According to Angelo Dalmas in his 2005 book, Social Penetration, ” in order to incorporate global interests, proper social mechanisms of integration are prerequisite”(p3).

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