Need an argumentative essay on Labor Law Campaign. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… Please understand that I do not have the resources to do this. The e

Need an argumentative essay on Labor Law Campaign. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

Please understand that I do not have the resources to do this. The economy is in poor shape and our towns are not painting their homes as frequent as they used to. They rather have rusted walls in order to feed their children. I am sorry that some of you have broken down in your vehicles and have had to wait for a tow, hence making you late to your estimate or painting job. Perhaps some of you have broken down in the company vehicle and have been home late for dinner. I am sorry. however we will have to make due with the vehicles we have. We will just have to keep fixing them. None of the vehicles are under the year 2002. We must continue to re paint them and have the mechanical problems fixed instead of purchasing new trucks. You all are more than employees you are my family! This is a family-run business and some of you are fathers and sons and uncles and nephews or next-door neighbors. We must stick together! I am looking for used Tahoes to replace some of our trucks that have the engines blown in them. however I cannot afford new trucks. Also, I apologize if the air conditioner is not working properly during the summer. I had the huge fans running. Some of you complained it was too warm. I apologize, however after the last hurricane a year ago my company flood insurance increased because we are located on the water. I am head to foot as is but I will not lower your wages as you have families to feed. Hence, please work together as team. A little sweat never killed anyone! If your 2 hours late one night coming home to dinner because your company vehicle broke down, just realize that I am trying my best to keep the operations going. I noticed small groups forming and I am aware that pamphlets have been given out to you all by union representatives. I figured out that there is a union organizing drive. You all must realize that union’s promises are empty. They cannot guarantee anything only ask. The union may promise that you will be driving new navigators like our competitors but this is not guaranteed. The union local 1199 will tell you that you will now have a new central air conditioning system in the warehouse but this is not a guarantee. You all are friends and have worked together for a long time. Do you realize that joining a union can jeopardize your friendships or kinships? Perhaps a father wants to join and the son does not want to? This can cause an argument. Do not ruin your solid bonds with each other over decisions that will not guarantee anything else than what already is. Do you know that Bonzo’s Painters who is local 1199 has been on 32 strikes but the painters are still driving around in old vehicles because the employer and union could not come to an agreement? If the majority wins to join a union it can have economic consequences on my business which would be out of my control. I came to this prediction last year after the hurricane. My flood insurance has skyrocketed because we are on the water. Since the downfalls of our economy people aren’t having their homes painted as much. People aren’t spending money! They are saving! If your union decides to go on a strike I cannot afford replacements. Hence, without you guys I cannot run my business and thus I will have to close the entire plant. Please realize that Unions are full of broken promises. Just know that if the union goes on strike you all have to strike.

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