Need an argumentative essay on Managing Across Culture. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… The immigrants or those who take part in the act of moving from

Need an argumentative essay on Managing Across Culture. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

The immigrants or those who take part in the act of moving from their original location to other locations suffer the risk of mixed cultural changes. There are certain extents at which these cultural changes lead to indifferences and cultural conflicts. The degree of negativity is overcome by the instillation of positive attitudes and believes of social understanding. The positive aspects lead to good interaction and communication between two or more groups from different cultures (Paulson, 1993). The people from different cultures and norms are usually advised to acknowledge their cultural differences, respect those of others, face the reality and learn how to coexist with each other than fight or argue over their differences. The biggest challenge that is usually faced when trying to achieve this is the presence of non-verbal gestures, which are usually hard to comprehend but are expressed by majority of the different cultures to illustrate superiority or to lower the dignity of a certain culture. Verbal communication can be termed as one of the challenges that are faced by different people from different cultures and locations but are not necessarily the main problem. The main cause of distress and differences that is mostly experienced by different cultures is the process of understanding and accepting each other’s culture without debating on which is superior and inferior. Problems Experienced between Different Cultures In this discussion essay, the culture of different people and their relations with each other will be made with regards to the American state of cultural values and understanding. The U.S. will be the centre of reference since research has indicated that the citizens of U.S. are conscious of the cultures of other people than those that live in the Northern America although the whole of America will also be used as reference to clarify and illustrate the effects of cultural differences and the ways of controlling them (Hofstede, 1997). The immigrants that come from other parts of the world to settle in America experience all sorts of difficulties before they adapt to their new way of life. The challenges that they undergo before earning full citizenship, allowance to work, and move freely take time, commitment and dedication. In case the immigrants choose to settle and start families in the U.S., they usually name their children according to the rules that are set by the American laws and earn the right for their children just like any other American citizens. The acceptance and respect of different cultural values makes it possible for different cultures to live and work together due to the availability of a common agenda and mutual understanding (Hofstede, 1997). The presence of a child strengthens the stay of the parents in the American soil since the risk of deportation fails to exist. This is because deportation would mean that the child would be left an orphan since he or she would have no parents in case the parents are deported. It has been the culture of the American laws to follow up the development of every child within its jurisdiction. The laws governs the way the children are brought up and raised in healthy and nutritious conditions thus embracing the children born of other cultures but in the American soil.

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