Need an argumentative essay on Oedipus the king Play Produced by Sophocles. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… In the year 468, Sophocles defeated other t

Need an argumentative essay on Oedipus the king Play Produced by Sophocles. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

In the year 468, Sophocles defeated other tragedians in a competition that was held in the main green city Athens (Wiles 213). Following this victory Sophocles dedicated his effort in the creation of tragic playwright. This paper essay will therefore analyze Sophocles most popular playwright Oedipus rex. Plot analysis The play depicts a mythical Greek king known as Oedipus. Oedipus was to fulfill an ancient Greek prophecy that stated that he would kill his father and marry his mother. The play open by Oedipus been thrown out of his home by his parents, King Laius and Queen Jocasta. During this scene, he is abandoned in the wilderness with his feet bound. After been abandoned by his parents in the wilderness, he is rescued by a shepherd and taken to Corinth. Oedipus learns about his tragic prophecy and he was determined to prove it wrong through positive living and control of emotions his mental reasoning (Foster 112). According to the writer, Oedipus’ life is predetermined and therefore he has limited control over his actions and decisions. However, Oedipus is determined to pursue the murderers of his father. He believed that with the help of the gods he would find success or ruins (Sophocles 5). Despite his attempt to exercise justice to the murderers of his father, Oedipus does not consider the boundary between fate and free will. He also believed that although God gives people the ability to make choices, they are bound by a predetermined outcome. In order to accomplish his mission, Oedipus consults a local prophet for a prophecy relating to his life in relation the murder of his father. The prophet informs him that his efforts to find the killers of his father were all in vain. However, this increases his determination to find the murders and execute justice for the murder of his father. Tiresias the old prophet gets angered spills the beans and declare him the murderer. This scene gets complicated and disturbing as “Oedipus tries to figure out how he would have killed his father and married his mother” (Radway web). He seems disturbed by the old man’s claim, that he would be his father’s murderer. He also recalls that this was not the first time the he was hearing this prophecy. He previously heard a similar prophecy from another man in Corinth. He recalls that he fled from Corinth in order to save his father from the murder and himself from the incest accusations. His wife who tells him that not all prophecies come out to be true comforts him. Just as his life was, beginning turning back to normal, Oedipus receives bad news from the shepherd. The shepherded explains how he found him abandoned in the wilderness as a little child and took him to Corinth. At this moment, Oedipus learns that while he was running away from his adoptive parents in Corinth, he killed King Laius because of a roadside argument (Sophocles 87). After he became the king of Thebes, he married Jocasta without knowing that she was his mother. The plays end on a tragic note whereby Jocasta hangs herself while Oedipus uses the pins from her dress to remove his eyes. Major themes Although the playwright concentrated on occurrences of the ancient Greek empire, the play reflects common occurrences in modern life. The first theme depicted by the play is that of light vs. darkness.

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