Need an argumentative essay on Quality TV. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… 4). The discussions on quality have been evident for a long time. For exampl

Need an argumentative essay on Quality TV. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

4). The discussions on quality have been evident for a long time. For example, according to Robin Nelson, television quality was determined in UK and USA by basing on traditions or cultural values (Akass, 2007p. 4). It is also worth stating that there has been a shift in the television quality rating due to economical or social factors. According to Cardwell, the business strategies usually affect the programs cast in televisions. This is because most institutions and industries usually adopt institutional and cultural discourses when determining quality based on broadcasting mandates, policy-making decisions, and the production demands. Sarah Cardwell conducted critical judgment and evaluations to establish the differences since the variance between quality and good television had been neglected. She stated that the television studies lacked sufficient attention on the conceptual matters. Consequently, the difference between quality and good television can be established by looking at the generic classification of television programs. In 1995, Cardwell let her television students watch 1995 classic-novel where the students had different opinions about the movie. For example, one student said that the movie was of high quality but rather boring making it improper. From the findings, it was clear that the quality of television is determined by the way the television program has been filmed or acted. Concurrently, a good television program is rated based on the textual characteristics of the program (Akass, 2007p. 20). In summary, a good television is moving, riveting, provocative, rich, and should be frequently contemporary. It should not only be relevant but the viewers should also value it (Akass, 2007p. 21). However, the classifications of the quality of television are largely dependent on the national context. For instance, the contemporary quality of television in Britain is different from American television quality. According to the BBC and Public Space, television quality is a priority. In March 2010, the BBC’s executives published the proposals that were meant to increase efficiency and ensure quality by restricting new online activities (Potschka, 2012 p.25). The collaboration between the HBO and BBC enhanced their reputation of producing quality programs. This has been beneficial in helping HBO consolidate its market position. HBO has experienced several successes when producing programs such as The Sopranos, Sex and the City, and the Six Feet Under. However, it is having trouble maintaining its success due to the changing nature of the television industry. They have developed a creative approach that will enable them to improve the success of their television programs. The approach in the post network has been characterized by high-production values, artistic integrity and risk-taking process that are highly creative (Akass, 2007p. 62). The famous HBO program, The Sopranos has been analyzed based on the industrial factors. Since it is a gangster television program, it usually exists in the form of a pre-sold television program. It has prompted researchers and scholars to analyze it in terms of branding (Jaramillo, 2007 p. 594).

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