Need an argumentative essay on Supervisors. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… This can be promoted through instructive and motivating organizational lead

Need an argumentative essay on Supervisors. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

This can be promoted through instructive and motivating organizational leadership. The functions of management are discussed, and the traits of effective managers in relation to the management functions. Finally, the relations between managers, supervisors and employees are evaluated and the challenges of a multicultural workforce presented. The Role of a Supervisor in a Typical Organization Supervisors or managers are important in management of teams and processes within an organization. They help in management and coordination of the organization, usually characterized as a pyramid. The supervisors help in achieving essential objectives and goals within the organization through communicating with each other at various levels within the organizational management hierarchy (Cassidy, Kreitner, &amp. Kreitner, 2010). Supervisors are committed to grooming organizational personnel for success. Their roles entail the functional duties coupled with a variety of responsibilities. Organizational supervisors train their workers on new information and competencies. Workers ought to be prepared well to ensure they are successful in their duties, and this can be necessitated through supervisors’ training and orientation. The process of training is continual and highlighted for new personnel as well as other workers. Collectively, the supervisors have a responsibility of ensuring that organizational personnel benefit from intermittent professional development opportunities and training (Cassidy, Kreitner, &amp. Kreitner, 2010). Supervisors evaluate objectives, goals and future organizational needs to enable them prepare plans, which offer the required resources and action items for the organization to realize success. The supervisors help in strategic planning, implementation and execution of organizational plans. In addition, supervisors prepare schedules for appropriate staffing and availability of resources to satisfy the needs of customers and production. They are responsible for arranging human, informational and material resource productivity. They are tasked with maximizing organizational efficiency through scheduling inventories, equipment and facilities. This ensures that quality in production of goods and offering of services is attained (Cassidy, Kreitner, &amp. Kreitner, 2010). Managers are responsible for inspiring and motivating workers to work appropriately and accomplish common organizational goals. The teams in organizations ought to work collectively, and it is the responsibility of the supervisors to recognize the uniqueness of every employee, establish various incentives and rewards to motivate them (Cassidy, Kreitner, &amp. Kreitner, 2010). Three Traits of an Effective Manager Effective managers need to have entrepreneurial thinking and creativity qualities. Contemporary organizations are continually changing, and there is need for the managers to possess creativity and entrepreneurial skills to work effectively in such environments. Supervisors with entrepreneurial traits perform their responsibilities effectively because they adapt swiftly and resolve organizational problems creatively. Supervisors are tasked with maximizing organizational efficiency.

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