Need an argumentative essay on The Psychology of Physiology. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… But of course we cannot just sit back and expect everythin

Need an argumentative essay on The Psychology of Physiology. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

But of course we cannot just sit back and expect everything to happen on its own. we have to work for the good health we just talked about. There are many people whose lifestyles are such that they destroy themselves and they do not focus on bettering their life and health, rather they continue to adhere to their abusive lifestyle which results in various problems to their health and it does not help them in the way they feel. Depression thus is one of the many common problems of today. Even if they attempt at curing themselves they do not resort to the more proper means of doing so. they would probably take anti-depressants, or eat food that makes them feel better. All this is, however, very short term and ultimately these strategies too conspire to ruin the person. What he needs to do is search for proper exercises and a lifestyle that would help him improve his life rather than further destroying it. Our physiology has a direct effect upon the way we focus and, therefore, it definitely influences our basic beliefs. It affects how we think about a particular issue (Pastorino and Doyle-Portillo 64). If a person is feeling physically tired and ill at all times it is not possible that he would be formulating or having positive opinions about others, appreciating his surroundings and ultimately having a good feeling regarding himself. The physiology has a direct effect on our minds and it is responsible for triggering it. Obviously there could be several other triggers and issues as well that affect the way we feel, but physiology happens to be one of the most important one. Many times, without even realizing what we are doing, we tend to touch our face when talking to someone, or maybe stand on one leg, put our hands in our pockets, or cross our arms or perform other similar actions. We are doing this without an intention of giving off any kind of a signal. It is totally unplanned and we do it just because that is how we feel comfortable in that situation. If we make a point not to do those actions although we have a habit of doing so, it would only put us out of our comfort zone, leaving us unconfident. If one needs to get rid of such habits he needs to put in serious conscious effort. There are even some religions that employ physiology for inducing states of enlightenment. One such example is that of Zen Buddhism which is applicable to martial arts. Here there is great involvement of physical discipline by means of relaxing, breathing properly, stretching and flowing movement. Besides this the religion concentrates on the development of the human body systems, allows one to increase his maximum levels of concentration and awareness and also encourages the promotion of calm. Using physiology leads to altering the state of mind, and besides that it also moves away our consciousness from the mind to our body. The posture that we have adopted and how relaxed our muscles are directly affect our mind. Apart from this, the mind itself has a direct effect upon how tensed our muscles are and what posture we are standing or sitting it. If there is too much tension or stress in our body there is an immediate effect on our mind which also becomes rigid in thinking. Therefore, posture and the way we move have their own importance in the determination of the way we are feeling. When our heads are down, or we are slouching, crossing our arms or legs, our shoulders are tensed.

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