Need an argumentative essay on The Social Network (Movie). Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… Thesis Statement: Irrespective of the fact that the society

Need an argumentative essay on The Social Network (Movie). Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

Thesis Statement: Irrespective of the fact that the society as an institution often determines the limits to measure right or wrong, positives or negatives, morality or amorality, however, great creators cannot be judged within scope of these limits. The depiction of Mark Zuckerberg’s life in the film The Social Network clearly suggests that great creations of the world have always occurred by breaching the traditional limits of social existence and it will keep on happening in the same fashion. The Birth of a Genius: Since the commencement of his career as a student of computer science though Mark Zuckerberg reflected his potential as an extraordinary student, however, he never was considered as such an individual who could have received global fame. The biographical references of great individuals from different time periods suggest that ideas for remarkable inventions have often generated out of certain personal disasters or loss. Mark’s separation with his beloved Erica is such an incident that encourages him to provide more focus on the on-campus website ‘Facemash’ and consequently he starts realizing that a social networking site can be developed and it will be highly popular among young generation. Mark’s activities with the ‘Facemash’ might not be termed as ethical and it consequently bears traits of gender bias as reflected in the film. However, there is no denial of the fact that the common creed of the modern generation to interact socially on a virtual platform was recognized by Mark at this stage and consequently he started developing the idea within himself. In this context, the most significant scene from the film is where Mark asks for the algorithm to stabilize the entire system from his friend Eduardo. This very scene makes it clear and special focus of camera on the equation over the window pane provides conspicuous realization of the ambition of a genius to transcend the barrier of his limits. Stepping forward to materialize a dream: Though on ethical ground Mark received an academic probation for six months for his actions, however, the glimmer of his talent received attention of certain business personalities, who were aspiring to come up with ‘Harvard Connection,’ a dating website exclusively for the Harvard University alumni. As Mark starts working on the project as a programmer, he realizes that a highly interactive site can be developed and consequently it can be highly popularized among young generation people. In this site they will have the liberty to share their personal information in a manner that is not just for the purpose of dating. rather they will be able to transcend physical barriers for making friends in different regions. It is since this phase of the film that Mark’s conflict with the rest of the world commences. The entire film is prepared with frequent juxtaposition from past and present. While on one hand, he is under interrogation for breaching the legal limits of intellectual property act, on the other hand, reduction of Eduardo’s share as a co-founder of ‘Facebook’ raises serious concern for him.

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