Need an argumentative essay on The US Role in Syrian Crisis. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… The brutal crackdown of the masses by the Bashar Al-Assad

Need an argumentative essay on The US Role in Syrian Crisis. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The brutal crackdown of the masses by the Bashar Al-Assad security forces, the cry for democracy by the Syrian people as well as the political resistance against the regime. A clear illustration of the regime inhumane and merciless acts is the arrest and mistreatment of 15 children from a school in the town of Daraa, allegedly for painting anti-government graffiti at a school (Joe, 2). When people sought to protest for the release of the children, the security forces tortured the people by beating them up and even opening fire to kill at least four of the protestors. These and other inhumane acts perpetrated by the Bashar Al-Assad regime, calls for a reaction from the international community. Lately, some 64 people fleeing homes were killed and dumped in the city by the regime’s security forces (Joe, 1).In the light of the above, it is my opinion that the US government should engage in the Syrian crisis to avert the human suffering that the regime has mooted on the people. However, there are many other considerations, which need to be done, just before a full support for the course is pledged. Having the US involvement in many other wars and crisis in the recent past, of which it has emerged with a soiled reputation, a thorough analysis needs to be done before a decision to engage in the crisis is reached (Blake, 6). There is a call for an involvement of the US government to support the Syrian citizens, on a humanitarian ground, to avert more killings and torture of the people who does not support the regime. However, the US government has not done much towards this noble course. This is because, as opposed to the Libyan case, Syrian crisis is significantly weighty, thus its approach has to be well thought of and planned in advance just before any involvement in its execution. The Syrian case has more outside parties involved in it (Joe, 3). Furthermore, the ethnic diversity of the country and the interest of the Arab world in this case serve to make the case even harder. By defeating Syria, a strong ally of Iran and by extension one of the Muslim hardliners would be eliminated (Wright, 214). Therefore, any involvement of the US government would cause the Muslim allies to get involved in the crisis, thus making the situation fatal than it currently is. The main interested countries are Iran, which has invested a lot in the regime’s survival, Russia who still considers Syria as one of the last friends remaining, Saudi Arabia, which supports the Sunni,’s to remain in power, Israel, and Lebanon, which are of the opinion that the defeat of the Bashar Al-Assad will result to a dire chaotic situation. Therefore, without the support of some of these countries, the US bid to go into war with Syria will just be another course for defeat (Hinnebusch, 8). There are certain mistakes that the US government has made, which serves to make the issue a more complicated and difficult one to solve. The US has under-estimated the threat posed by the ouster of the Bashar Al-Assad regime. Bashar Al-Assad could be tougher, owing to the support of his allies, than estimated by the US (Ziadeh). The possibility of use of chemical weapons by the regime, the high costs involved and the greater risks involved in this war are some consideration that the US government seem to have overlooked.

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