Need an argumentative essay on Why do we like violence. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… ours of television programming weekly.&nbsp. Although the negat

Need an argumentative essay on Why do we like violence. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

ours of television programming weekly.&nbsp. Although the negative health affects have been a topic of much recent discussion, the expressed purpose of this research analysis will be to draw a level of inference upon the way in which violence represented in television media affects the minds, outlook, psychology, and world-view interpretation of the adolescent viewing audience.&nbsp.&nbsp.From such a review, the reader will be able to understand that even though violence within the media has increased within the past several years, it is not doing so divorced from the demand by the viewer. It does not take a great deal of analysis to understand fact that this pervasive level of violence only exists is due to the fact that consumers are actively engaging with this violence and consuming it. It is the understanding of this particular author that the reason and rationale behind this has to do with the fact that violence represents one of the most primitive and basic mechanisms through which humans have evolved. When one begins to integrate with an understanding of basic human evolution, they come to the analysis of the fact that almost all history has been dictated with respect to power dynamics and the threat and application of violence. In such a way, the exhibition of violence with regards to media, and in a boxing, and a litany of violent video games is a manner through which humans are able to connect with a more bestial and under-evolved aspect of their own evolutionary history. This appeal and violence has is primitive. almost as primitive as the appeal of sexual desire. Accordingly, one does not need to look very far within advertising, media, or any other form of societal representation to understand that the appeals to a more basic levels of humanity are the ones that integrate the most closely with the stakeholder. Violence, as with sex, is something of a vicarious experience. Whereas it is obvious that it is illegal for an individual to venture out on the streets and engage in an argument with someone that they find offensive – eventually coming to blows and knocking out this individual – this vicarious experience can be had via the litany of different violent video games, television programs, and other representations about that exist within society. In such a manner, the angst and frustration that individuals feel at any given time is able to be vicariously experience through such representations of violence. Even though organized society has come a long way, and individuals are arguably more involved now than at any other point in the past, this basic desire to solve any and all confrontation with violent means is an innate facet of humanity that will not likely disappear anytime in the near future. The impacts of this permeation of violence is of course a society that continues to keep violence front and center within their own minds. sustaining it to a stature that it would otherwise not received. Whereas violence is a determinant aspect of human evolution and provide something of a historical recollection point through which confrontation can be solved, it must also be understood that different societies integrate with violence and different manners.

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