Negative effects of Pornography

Negative effects of Pornography

Pornography is a visual illustration of sexuality that disfigures a person’s concept of the type of conjugal relations. Thus therefore alters the sexual behavior and attitudes of any person. Pornography has become a major threat to marriage, to children, to family and to a person’s happiness. It is one of the major causes that undermine social stability. Clinical psychologists, social scientists and biologists have started to give clarity on some of the psychological and social effects and neurologists as well have started to define the biological mechanisms through which pornography has produced its powerful negative effects. The effects of pornography on the mind are deep as it distorts the perceptions and attitudes about the disposition of sexual intercourse. The effects on the body and the heart are also very severe.

Pornography alters the habits of the mind negatively

It is a known fact that pornography alters the habits of the mind as it can easily become habitual. This is in turn according to Zillman (1986) advances desensitization, distorted views of reality, boredom and an objectification of women. It is associated with lenient issues that lead to extra marital affairs for individuals. As we all know pornography is extremely addictive. Users of pornography are inclined to become desensitized especially to the kind of pornography that they use, then become bored with it and then they seek more perverse types of forms of pornography. For men who watch pornography more regularly as a result their sexuality becomes abnormal and often leads to but not limited to sexual aggression, rape and sexual promiscuity. An individual’s perceptions are usually affected by too much pornography especially in men who start to view women as sex objects that can be humiliated over and over again. Pornography also stimulates greater sexual permissiveness which more often leads to risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases as well as out of wed lock child births. With such consequences there is also the fact that an individual’s body becomes weak and prone to more diseases.

Pornography leads to distorted perception of reality

According to Zimbardo (1977) pornography gives an exaggerated perception of social reality. Instances such as pervasions of group sex, sadomasochistic activity as well as bestiality are formed in the minds of the viewer and such thoughts become farfetched from reality. Such distortions lead to an acceptance of three beliefs: that men are generally sexually driven, that sexual relationships are a leisure thing and that women are sex commodities. This belief leads to people internalizing abnormal sexual behavior more readily and is a serious distortion to social life of a person as they readily accept sexual permissiveness.

Pornography leads to aggression and abuse

Extreme usage of pornography according to Vega and Malamuth (2007) is strongly associated with aggressive behavior. A major portion of pornography has strong violent content. In men especially, when they get exposed to violent forms of pornography they are more likely to commit such acts. Also it increases a man’s willingness to force such acts on their partners. Even soft pornography that may involve acts among consenting adults may lead to extreme violent behaviors. The FBI has also reported that soft pornography has led to numerous male suicides especially among adolescents where an individual suspends themselves on a rope in the hope of achieving intense orgasm. In other scenarios young kids have killed their friends following advice in some of the soft core magazines.

All pornography desensitizes the viewer.

According to David (2002) pornography desensitizes a person and allows that person to become conditioned to violent and non violent sexual acts making such behaviors to become an integral part of their behaviors. More than two thirds of students who watch pornography are willing to force any woman to such acts while a further one third had the desire to commit rape. In emotionally disturbed persons pornographic materials have desensitized them. More than 26 studies have shown that emotionally disturbed people as well as those with a tendency to commit violent acts become desensitized after watching pornography.

Pornography increases crime

According to ‘A Meta-analysis of the Published Research on the Effects of Pornography’, (2007) offenders such as child molesters, rapists, pedophiles and incest fathers are more likely to execute their crimes if they use pornography. For instance male offenders start to have addictive and compulsive behavior while using porn and soon their system for stress relievable become related to deviant acts of sex. They then offend more and more. Thousands of persons have been raped, tortured and murdered as a direct result of pornography. 

 Pornography directly promotes other crimes like drug abuse.

Pornography also promotes other crimes like child molestation and drug abuse. Pornography producers create scenes where it depicts acts with a minor and purposely thinning the line between adult sex and sex involving adults and children. Many people who act in porn videos as well as those who watch it most of the time are into drugs. Playboy magazine for instance has even created fictional drug use chart that it has published in its magazines. Many people in the need to be like the porn stars engage in drugs to increase their libido as well as have multiple orgasms. 

The effects of pornography on religion

            Religion and especially Christianity is against pornography as it goes against the set principles on how sex should be conducted. It not only breaks this law but it impairs the judgments of people on such matters and many would rather be quiet. It undermines the Bible and all that it advocates for. It makes people sin and they do this without even knowing. They covet on another person’s property being the body of the person in the act. 


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