NPU2303 Nursing Practice 3

Question: NPU2303 Nursing Practice 3

Case study

Mr Oliver Thompson, born in 1960, was admitted to your ward with a confirmed ruptured appendix pre-operatively. An emergency open appendicectomy surgical operation was undertaken. You accepted the care of Mr Thompson at 1400 hours from the recovery room. Mr Thompson arrived with an intravenous cannula (IVC) in-situ, on his right cubital fossa (CF), which is connected to Intravenous (IV) Normal Saline, running at a rate of 120mls/hour. He is currently nil by mouth (NBM). Mr Thompson complained of a pain score of 7/10. His incisional sites are slightly soaked with blood. NPU2303 Nursing Practice 3

Mr Thompson is a known asthmatic, which is well controlled. He is allergic to morphine, as evidenced by a severe rash. Observations demonstrate that he is afebrile with a temperature of 35.8 degrees, he is slightly tachycardiac, Pulse -101 beats per minute (bpm); Mr Thompsons’ blood pressure (BP) is-124/82mmHg; and his respiratory rate ( RR) is 19 breaths per minute (bpm).

You noticed that his IV fluid is finished, and you are in the process of commencing a new 500mls of normal saline IV fluid, as prescribed.

Using the case study above, write your essay from the perspective of a registered nurse (RN) explain your nursing care for Mr Thompson immediately post-operatively to the end of your shift at 2100 hours.

  1. Consider what nursing assessments you as a RN will undertake for a patient immediately post operatively; give rationales for your actions.  
  2. Consider what nursing assessments you as a RN will undertake for a patient on IV therapy; give rationales for your actions.  
  3. As your shift is ending, hand over your patient to the night duty nurse using the ISOBAR framework. NPU2303 Nursing Practice 3

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