NRS6004 Adult Nursing Assignment

You are required to write a literature review in which you critically analyse literature related to Person-Centred/Family-Centred Care. You will be able to choose a topic related to Person-Centred/Family-Centred care, for instance you may focus on a certain innovation or a specific field of nursing such as adult nursing care, mental health, learning disabilities or child nursing. By following the approach of a literature review, you will locate appropriate literature, interpret this literature and write a coherent argument around the findings in relation to every day practice. An overview of the literature review structure Your Literature Review should follow this structure: NRS6004 Adult Nursing Assignment


Introduce your topic in a generic manner. Engage the reader and explain why this topic is relevant to current health care.

b.Aims or questions;

In this section you state your research aim or question. You are going to find literature to answer this question. Make sure your question is specific and clear.

c.State the search strategy you have used to identify the appropriate literature;

This includes how you have searched for data, such as the databases you have used, the years you searched, the search terms you have used and how many studies you have found. It also includes inclusion and exclusion criteria that you have used to select your study.

d.Compile data from 12-15 included studies into a table;

This mean you make a table in which you document the authors, year it was published, included participants, research aim, key findings and conclusions. You can use this table to write about your findings in the next section. This table will be an appendix to your assignment.

e.Make a table in which you evaluate the quality of the studies you include: In this section you use a specific research evaluation tool to gather information on the quality of the studies you included.

f.Write the findings;

This section includes a narrative about the studies you included. You can present the findings and provide the reader with an overview of what the literature says about your chosen topic. Keep your research aim or question in mind so you can focus your findings section on answering your question.

g.Write a discussion in which you highlight the gaps in the existing evidence base on the chosen topic; The discussion is where you discuss your findings. In this section you can critically analyse the literature.

h.Write a conclusion and recommendations from your research;

In your conclusion you answer your question based on the findings from the literature review. This then allows you to provide recommendations for practice, policy, research and/or education.

NRS6004 Adult Nursing Assignment

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

To evaluate and critically analyse implementation strategies to encourage change within the complex health care environment, focusing on a specific field of study, such as adult care, child care, mental health and learning disability care.

To discuss the evaluated implementation strategies through a poster presentation, and justify the use of a specific strategy for a certain care setting/field. NRS6004 Adult Nursing Assignment

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