NS5347-Quality Use Of Medicines In Practice

NS5347-Quality Use Of Medicines In Practice


CASE STUDY Aligned subject learning outcomes • Apply the principles of Quality Use of Medicines to practice. • Apply legislative, regulatory and professional frameworks for safe use of medicines within own scope of practice.

• Interpret medication information to inform safe medication practice and provide consumer medicine education. • Apply advanced pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles to the safe use of medications in vulnerable populations. Group or individual Individual Weighting  (excludes appendices)

The word count must be accurately stated at the end of the written piece. Every printed element between spaces is to be counted including quotations and in-text references (but not including reference list or appendices).

ASSESSMENT TASK 3: DESCRIPTION In academic essay format, critically analyse the case study below, and summarise all the key issues the case study raises from a QUM perspective. Then, select two (2) of these key issues and develop a minimum of two (2) recommendations to address each key issue, clearly justifying how these four (4) recommendations will address the issue. As this is an academic essay, first person must not be used. You are expected to substantiate your essay with contemporary scholarly literature, and correct APA

(7th ed.) will need to be applied. Case study: Mrs McIntyre is a 79-year-old widow, who lives in a granny flat on her daughter’s property. She has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, hypertension, arthritis, and hyperlipidaemia. She has a history of three myocardial infarctions (eight, five, and two years previously) and an acute episode of GORD twelve months ago following a hospital admission for pneumonia. She has been brought in to the GP clinic today by her daughter. She is worried as her mother has had several falls around the home over the last couple of months and she is concerned that her mother is less energetic than she used to be, and isn’t interested in doing activities she once used to enjoy. Mrs McIntyre reports not requiring assistance with her activities of daily living and remains ambulatory.

She has never smoked and or consumed alcohol. She does her own cooking, but joins her daughter’s family twice a week for dinner. Her daughter does grocery shopping for her. According to her patient notes, her prescribed medications are: Digoxin 62.5mcg daily Bisoprolol 5mg twice daily Aspirin 325mg mane Warfarin 3mg daily Omeprazole 20mg daily Lisinopril 10mg daily Furosemide 40mg mane Potassium chloride 20mEq twice daily Paracetamol 650mg twice daily Atorvastatin 20mg daily Tramadol 50mg prn When questioned about her medicines, Mrs McIntyre states that she is pretty sure she remembers to take all her medications.

When quizzed further, she cannot name them all or identify why she takes any of them. She mostly refers to them by colour or shape, and reports that sometimes when she gets a headache from her blood pressure being too high, she takes an extra ‘metolol’. During your Page 13 of 16 consultation, Mrs McIntyre complains multiple times how she ‘rattles like a pill bottle’, and thats he wishes she didn’t have to spend all her pension money on all these pills every month.

Mrs McIntyre’s daughter also brings in a shoebox from Mrs McIntyre’s kitchen that she reports using when she needs them. She points out the medicine she takes more often since her recent falls, ‘just every now and again when the pain gets too bad’ (pointing to Panadeine Forte and Valium). She states that she bought some of the medicine from the supermarket, some were recommended by a pharmacist, and a couple of the medicines were given to her by her younger sister because she didn’t need them anymore and thought she might be able to use them.

In the shoebox were: Nurofen 200mg Panadeine Forte 500mg/30mg St John’s Wort 2000mg Mylanta chewable tablets Valium 5mg Fish Oil capsules 100mg Mrs McIntyre’s recent observations and lab results include: BP 112/62, HR 66, eGFR 45ml/min/1.73m2 , and INR 3.5. For guidance on standards for assessment preparation, including referencing, please see Assessment Preparation

NS5347-Quality Use Of Medicines In Practice

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