NUR 330-Adult Health


Case Study  NUR 330-Adult Health

Ralph Jackson is a 68-year-old African American male who lives in a low-income housing complex. He has multiple chronic medical conditions, including coronary artery disease, diabetes, chronic renal insufficiency, and coagulopathy. He lives independently but is mostly confined to a wheelchair for his mobility. He has frequent appointments related to his various ailments but has a difficult time with compliance because of transportation issues. NUR 330-Adult Health

The housing complex he lives in does not provide transportation. Mr. Jackson has one child who is not able to assist him with his care needs. The nearest bus stop is approximately 1 mile away, and it is very taxing for Mr. Jackson to make his way to the location as frequently as he needs to go. In addition, he is on a fixed income and is unable to afford taxi services.

Critical thinking questions/ Please provide rationale for all answers and cite a reference.

1. What is one of the strongest and most consistent predictors of illness and death for the older adult?

a. family support.

b. socioeconomic status.

c. access to resources.

d. payer source.

2. Which age group is the fastest growing segment of our population?

a. 55–64

b. 65–74

c. 75–84

d. 85 and older

3. What action by the nurse would be most likely to help with Mr. Jackson’s transportation problems?

a. Ask the family for help.

b. Call the Area Agency on Aging.

c. Consult with Social Services.

d. Arrange for Visiting Nurses

4. What factors increase Mr. Jackson’s risk of becoming a victim of crime? (Select all that apply.)

a. Age 60+

b. African American ethnicity

c. Urban dwelling

d. Lack of transportation

e. Use of multiple medications

NUR 330-Adult Health

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