Nur 432 Community Nursing

A posting is due at the end of each of Units 2, 4, 7, and 12 after you have completed the application exercise described in that unit. There are four application exercises included in this course. Nur 432 Community Nursing

These exercises encourage the application of theory to practical situations that involve the learner. After you complete each of the application exercises, summarize the key findings you discovered in doing the exercise in the appropriate conference forum. You will find the conference forums when you click on the appropriate conference icon on your course home page. Each Assignment 5 conference posting you make will be assessed by your tutor and each of the four postings is valued at a maximum of 5% per posting. Nur 432 Community Nursing

A posting that achieves the maximum value will be succinct and insightful, showing clearly how you have applied theory learned in the course to the practical situation. Specific examples are encouraged. All postings should be in scholarly format (that is, free of typos and errors in grammar and spelling etc.).

References are not necessary. The tone of your writing and of any responses to other students postings should be constructive and positive.Make sure you monitor the conference site to see if others respond to your posting and if so take the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue. Nur 432 Community Nursing

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