NUR 735 Surveillance Homework

NUR 735 Surveillance Homework


This assignment will allow you to collect the surveillance data and report on it here.

1.Keep track of the first three months of 2019 (January through March) for the following figures on this webpage (influenza positive tests reported by clinical laboratories, by U.S. public health laboratories, influenza-associated pediatric mortality, and outpatient illness surveillance). To make it pretty and make life easier, copy and paste the images here. Describe the trends you see in each of these figures over the timeframe and compare them to the prior year. Is there a difference in the first three months of 2019 compared to the first three months of 2018? 

2.What is Novel Influenza A Virus? As a nurse and an epidemiologist, what are the most vulnerable populations to this virus and why should it be taken seriously at the healthcare and public health levels? (15 points)

What age groups have the most positive specimens reported by public health laboratories for the following viruses: A(H3), A(H1N1)pdm09, B(Victoria Lineage), and B(Yamagata Lineage)?

This assignment partially fulfills the following NUR 735 Course Objectives for this course:

1.Describe concepts of epidemiology and its impact on population health.

2.Interpret biostatistical methods in epidemiology relevant for the development, implementation, and evaluation of health services.

3.Evaluate epidemiological study designs used for disease tracking.

4.Examine patterns of both emerging infectious disease and chronic disease affecting diverse populations.

5.Explain epidemiology’s role in public policy development.

6.Investigate the influences of genetics and environment in disease patterns.

Using epidemiological and statistical methods, develop a health care delivery service designed to confront a health-related problem or systems-based concern that involves evidence-based approaches to promote, preserve, or restore health.

NUR 735 Surveillance Homework

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