NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing

NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing

Task 1: Consider the patient

Based on the case scenario and in grammatically correct sentences:

Define the patient’s condition.
•Discuss the pathophysiology of the disease.
•How does the condition link with the patient’s past medical history?

Task 2: Care plan

Based solely on the handover you have received and using the template provided, complete a nursing care plan for your chosen patient. Your plan must address the physical, functional and psychosocial aspects of care.

Three (3) nursing problems have been provided for you. For each nursing problem on your care plan you need to complete the following sections:

•What it is related to?
•Goal of care
•Rationales for interventions

Notes for Task 2 only
•Dot points and single line spacing may be used in the care plan template.
•Appropriate professional language must be used – legally recognised abbreviations may be used in this task (care plan) but a KEY with full terminology must be provided after the assignment references – key will be excluded from word count tally

NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing

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