NUR320-Health And Illness Concepts

Task NUR320-Health And Illness Concepts

Each student in the group should receive 100 fictious dollars for working on the project. Student groups are paid $100 per each student (a group of 3 = $300 or a group of 4 = $400). You are the project manager for your group. As the project manager, you must determine how much money each person in the group should be paid, based on effort and why you paid the person the amount you decided. Be honest in your dealings as project manager as each student will have the ability to be a project manager and determine the effort of peers. The amounts earned will be averaged and outliers may not be included in the average. Additionally, any mathematical errors may negatively impact the project manager.   NUR320-Health And Illness Concepts


You have four students in your group, including yourself. Your group has been allotted $400. You notice Nurse B has not participated as much as everyone else (completed one slide for only two topics). Nurse C had to pick up the slack by adding the extra slides and you, as the project manager, did the voice over for the entire presentation. You determine each person will receive: Project manager = $140; Nurse A = $100; Nurse B = $20; Nurse C = $140. NUR320-Health And Illness Concepts

 Student NameEarningsReason for earnings
CAT Project Manager $ 
Nurse A   $ 
Nurse B   $ 
Nurse C   $ 

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