NURS 1118 Nursing Ethics

Description: Learners are asked to reflect on their own values and feelings while critically analyzing variables in an ethical dilemma, and use ethical principles and a framework for ethical decision-making to formulate and rationalize actions that promote ethical careThe learner will select one topic from the list provided by the instructor and answer related questions. NURS 1118 Nursing Ethics

Guidelines: Learners are asked to select ONE of the issues listed below and respond to ALL the questions listed, submitting a three to four page response to the questions.
List of Issues – Select 1 of the following ethical dilemmas:
1. Dementia and PEG Insertion
You are a nurse working in a long term care home (LTCH). Mrs. B has been a resident at the LTCH for the past three years. Over the past year, her dementia has worsened and she has been experiencing episodes of choking with eating and drinking. Family is requesting a PEG tube be inserted so Mrs B can be given fluids and fed without danger of aspirating.

The health care team is reluctant to consider a PEG for Mrs. B as research findings indicate long term PEG feeding should be discouraged for those with dementia due to the risk of increased mortality Medical Assistance in Dying You have been providing wound care to Mr S for the past six months in his home. During the visit today Mr S told you he has requested the treatment medical assistance in dying (MAiD).

The date he has chosen for the treatment is tomorrow.Mr S, who has no family, asks you to be present to start the IV for the physician to use to administer the medications that will cause his death. You are a conscientious objector to MAiD. Questions – Answer all of the following questions:
1. Take a position on the ethical dilemma you have selected from the list provided above. Provide the reasons, ethical principles and values and laws that support your position. Describe why the position you take makes sense and has evidence to support it other than your feelings, personal preference, your opinion or what you were brought up to believe.
2. How could your emotional response affect your nursing care?
3. If you feel a patient, the family, or other health care providers are making an unwise decision, what are some ways you can address this? Is addressing it ever appropriate?
4. How might you have approached this situation 5 years ago? What has changed for you and why has this change happened?
5. If you were to encounter this issue/situation in your practice, do you feel comfortable dealing with it? If not, what do you think might make it more comfortable for you? NURS 1118 Nursing Ethics

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