NURS-205 Issues In Research And Health

Nursing 205 explores community health nursing practice in the context of a changing health care system. Key concepts explored include community health nursing standards of practice, roles and activities, population health practice, population health promotion, the determinants of health (which include the Social Determinants of Health), epidemiology, health inequities, public health practice, illness prevention and health protection, communicable diseases and health promotion/adult learning. The emphasis is on application of the key concepts into evidenceinformed nursing practice for the population as client.
Course Goals
1. Demonstrate an ability to apply the nursing process and nursing theory to the community.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of Primary Health Care in community health nursing practice.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of how the determinants of health affect population health
4. Understand why community health nurses need to engage in population focused nursing care.
5. Demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of ethical, moral, and legal decisionmaking in nursing practice.
6. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of health education in community health nursing practice.
7. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in community health nursing practice.
8. Use research findings in community health nursing practice at a novice level.
9. Demonstrate an understanding of how to apply principles of social justice to promote equitable and fair treatment of all, regardless of differences including race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, literacy, economic status, sexual preferences/orientation, age, religion and disability.