NURS1002 Context Of Nursing And Primary Health Care

Question: NURS1002 Context Of Nursing And Primary Health Care

You are to write an essay on one Social Determinant of Health and one National Health Priority Area. NURS1002 Context Of Nursing And Primary Health Care

Pick one Social Determinant of Health (SDH) and relate it to one National Health Priority Area (NHPA). This relationship is to be discussed throughout your paper, taking into consideration the Australian Healthcare context. Provide evidence of how your chosen SDH and NHPA has an impact on the health of individuals and outline the implications for nursing practice.

Pick one of the following Social Determinants of Health as recognised by the Australian Government in 2016:

  1. Socioeconomic Position
  2. Early Life
  3. Social Exclusion
  4. Social Capital
  5. Employment and Work
  6. Housing
  7. Residential Environment

The National Health Priorities Areas are as follows:

  1. Cancer control
  2. Cardiovascular health
  3. Injury prevention and control
  4. Mental health
  5. Diabetes mellitus
  6. Asthma
  7. Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions
  8. Obesity
  9. Dementia


This essay should follow the normal essay structure with an introduction, a main body of the essay and a conclusion. The essay needs to be professionally referenced using APA 6th Edn. standard.


Identify which Social Determinant of Health and National Health Priority Area you are going to discuss, giving some statistics on the impact of this disease on the Australian community. You should explain the purpose of your essay and explain the how the rest of your essay will proceed.


  • Give an outline of the SDH and NHPA, exploring how they are related and why you have chosen them.
  • Describe and explain the population who are impacted by these SDH and NHPA
  • Explain the current initiatives in Australia to help combat these issues for your chosen population and comment on the effectiveness of these strategies and initiatives.
  • Discuss the impact of these SDH and NHPA on the wider community
  • Explore the role of the nurse in relation to caring for the population impacted by your SDH and NHPA.


Summarise the findings of your essay, do not directly repeat what you have already said, and do not introduce new references in the conclusion, as no new information should be added here.

This essay will require a minimum of eight (8) references as is reflected in the rubric. You are expected to reference according to APA 6th Ed. Standards in-text and in a reference list at the end of your essay. NURS1002 Context Of Nursing And Primary Health Care

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