NURS2503 Mental Health Nursing

1. Discuss four concerns related to the assessment information presented in the case study above. Recommend two further assessment questions you feel are appropriate at this time. NURS2503 Mental Health Nursing

2. Describe how you would approach Miss C in the situation above to facilitate therapeutic communication. How would the nurse encourage Miss C toperform her activities of daily living.

3. List two essential questions that you would ask Miss C to clarify her statement and fully assess for suicidal ideation and intent.

4. List six safety concerns for the patient on a mental health unit when they are expressing suicidal ideation. What should you check for to ensure patient safety?How would you respond to Miss C’s concern that her medication is not working?Miss C’s family is upset about her diagnosis. Describe how you would explain bipolar disorder to Miss C’s family.

5. Discuss three patient safety concerns as they relate to acute mania in the bipolar patient. Include your rationale for each concern.

6. Discuss community treatment orders (CTO) as it relates to bipolar disorder.In your own words describe why a patient may be issued a CTOIn your own words, describe the priority teaching points related to the lithium and valproic acid that you would discuss with Miss C during her discharge teaching.

7. Discuss why it is important to therapeutically end the nurse-patient relationship prior to discharge. Explain the importance of professional self-reflection when working with patients in the mental health setting using current literature. NURS2503 Mental Health Nursing

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