NURS432 Staffing Setback

Assignment 2: Scenario Analysis – Filling your Toolbox (20%) Due at the end of Unit 10 Directions After reviewing the below scenario, in a total of 4 pages double-spaced (excluding title and reference pages) . NURS432 Staffing Setback

References must be in APA format (6th ed). Your analysis should include references to current literature on nursing management and leadership. For example, for the situation you select choose an appropriate TOOL that can assist you in analyzing and solving the problem. NURS432 Staffing Setback

You may select a problem-solving tool, a decision-making tool, a conflict resolution tool etc. Your textbook is a good source but you may also search for other related references.

TOPIC Selected: S

taffing Setback Scenario: You are a manager in a small rural hospital in Northern Alberta. The August long weekend is approaching and Friday morning two RNs scheduled to work evenings over the weekend call in sick. You suspect they will both be off for at least the next three shifts. You contact all the casual staff but no one is available to work.

Without replacement you will be down to one RN on evenings. Sitting at your desk you wonder out loud, “Now what am I going to do?” Discuss the steps that you would take to resolve this issue.


• Clear objectives and introduction are provided

• There is a critical analysis of the scenario.

• An appropriate tool is incorporated (e.g. problem-solving tool, a decision-making tool, a conflict resolution tool etc.).

• References to current literature are used to support analysis.

Appropriate recommendations to resolve situation are made.

• An effective conclusion is included. FILL OUT THE PROBLEM SOLVING TOOL at the beginning of the paper.

Steps are given below

a. Identify the problem

b. Gather and analyse data

. Generate alternatives

d. Select an action e

. Implement the selected action and

f. Evaluate the action.

NURS432 Staffing Setback

Name of Text book used for this course: Nursing Leadership and management, 3rd Edition, Patricia Kelly and Heather Quisnelle.

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