NURS434 Community Health Nursing

Develop an outline for a health promotion program to meet the identified community diagnosis (include goals and objectives). Provide the rationale for the identified need, goals, and objectives for the program.Hint: Consider using a program logic model format (as an appendix) to present the data. Incorporate health promotion approaches (Table 18.1, p.262 in Vollmann et al., 2017) using one of the following options: Compare and contrast the strengths and limitations of two health promotion approaches to influence change and promote health within a community, which need to be considered in the assessing, planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of a health promotion program.OrOption two: Consider how two health promotion approaches can be incorporated into influencing changes, and promoting health within a community. Discuss the strengths and limitations of these approaches in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation phase of a health promotion program. Critically analyze the role of the community health nurse in relation to the two identified approaches and in relation to the planned health promotion program.

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