NURS436 Nursing

Enable you to demonstrate your ability to construct a genogram and an ecomap accurately and to showcase your understanding of the value and the importance of using such tools in family nursing practice. NURS436 Nursing

Assignment Guidelines and Marking Criteria Draw or construct a genogram of your family. Then, draw or construct an ecomap for your family. Refer to the textbook for how to accurately delineate these diagrams. You may choose to peruse the sites listed below for help in constructing these diagrams:

You can either draw these diagrams on a piece of paper and scan it or construct them using computer software and attach them as appendices Include a description of the various components of the genogram and ecomap and the relevance to family nursing assessment.  APA (6th ed.) format is followed Critical analysis and synthesis of the content is evident.

NURS436 Nursing

Reference sources should always include peer reviewed journal articles. Refer to the Scholarly Evidence Guide for more information on how to access peer reviewed sources Writing is succinct and clear No more than 3 pages (excluding the title page, references, and appendices) No abstract needed Submitting Your Assignment When you have completed this assignment, send it to your tutor for marking.

Always retain a copy of your assignment for your files. Click the “Browse” button to find your assignment and then “Upload” to move it into Moodle. If you make a mistake, you can delete the uploaded file by clicking the red X next to the file name. Then, add a note if needed and click the “Submit for Marking” button to send it to your instructor. NURS436 Nursing

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