NURS5074 Expanding Practice In The ICU And ED


Expanded Practice Report NURS5074 Expanding Practice In The ICU And ED

This summative assessment is a comprehensive report of your chosen area of nursing practice. The practice report will be a collection of information and evidence that demonstrates your learning and achievement in relation to expanding your nursing practice capabilities.

Your report will be set out using the following subheadings:

Introduction – an outline of the area of nursing practice. Include a copy of your final negotiated project proposal, incorporating any feedback you may have received.

Background– what literature supports this area of practice? This should include a critique of the evidence to demonstrate its veracity in relation to expanding your nursing practice. You will have attended to much of this in your annotated bibliography. Provide a summary of this that may include other references eg review articles.

Methods– how did you go about conducting this project? Include your original objectives & describe the procedures, tools and materials you used to complete your project NURS5074 Expanding Practice In The ICU And ED

Evidence – Make sure the evidence of accomplishment and the degree of validation of evidence is clearly visible in your final submission ie. what activities supported your work; what evidence/documentation do you have to demonstrate completion of activities and tasks; and how is this evidence validated (what depth, precision, number of encounters etc for each task)? Think about things like screen shots of online activities, a letter from a supervisor that confirms your attendance to project related activities, meeting minutes, completion of an assessment competency tool, PDF of a lecture delivered with attendance records. (look at the example discussed in class about getting a drivers’ licence. Think about the information in this table that was presented in our opening lecture below:

Discussion– this section details your learning journey throughout this project and is described in a reflective journal. There is an example of a reflective journal entry on this web page. NURS5074 Expanding Practice In The ICU And ED

Conclusion– Did you achieve what you intended?; Comment on your achievements, the strengths of the objectives and strategies you used and any limitations encountered Identify any areas for further development or completion and how this will be conducted.

The grade for this project will be based on your understanding and critique of the research evidence, substantiation of a creative approach to expanding your nursing practice capabilities, evidence to support your work, and demonstration of engaged learning. NURS5074 Expanding Practice In The ICU And ED

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