OTA 122 Physical Disabilities

OTA 122 Physical Disabilities


You are expected to complete the following:

Locate an article in the mainstream media that discusses RESEARCH on one of the diseases or disabilities that are covered in your Early or Atchison textbook.  See the example on the next page. [To clarify – it must be research – NOT just information about the disease.]

The article must have been written within the last 6 months. It must clearly state the published date of the article.

The article must discuss research findings relevant to the disease/disorder. 

You will need to attach this article to your assignment via cutting and pasting or scanning the article into your final assignment. You will turn this in electronically. Paper submissions not accepted.

Summarize the findings according to the article.

Answer the following questions:

1 Did the article mention the research journal that the findings were printed in? If so, which journal? Does the journal appear to be reputable (eg. is it a peer-reviewed, research journal).  If the article does not mention the journal, why do you think it would be relevant to have this information? 

2. Elaborate on any specific statistics that are mentioned in the article that relate to the research.  Do these statistics back up their commentary on the research? If yes, how…If no, why? If no statistics are mentioned, how do they substantiate the research findings as relevant?

3. Do you think the reporting of the findings could be misconstrued by the public without having access to the actual research article? Why or why not?

4. Do these findings hold relevance to you as an OT practitioner? If so, why? If not, why?

OTA 122 Physical Disabilities

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