Part 3 and 4 Non Profit Analysis Project

Part 3 and 4 Non Profit Analysis ProjectTOPIC to research The Shelter for Abused Women at : This will be a two part paper. Part 3 ? in-depth evaluation/assessment of 1 organization. Identify the vision, mission, and purpose of this organization. Select 5?7 key concepts (i.e. volunteerism, governing board responsibilities) from your course Reading & Study material that are of most interest to you and apply it to the selected organization. Does the organization look as though it is successful in accomplishing its purpose in the light of what you have learned thus far? If it is, what are some of the contributing factors to the organization?s success? From the information that you can gather, identify strategic issues. Part 3 should be a minimum of 4 full pages.

Part 4 -Now that you have completed your assessment of the organization of choice, provide a list of 8 recommendations that you think would be of benefit to the organization. Your recommendations should be well-supported using the course Reading & Study material as well as other credible resources (a minimum of 3 sources). Recommendation: Tax Exemption 501c3, cash flow, corporation benefits, prompt pay, prestige, retirement benefits, religious organization tax, eligible for grants, tax deduction for donors, shields from personal liability

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