performance management analysis

performance management analysis.

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Select a Middle Eastern organization and review its vision, mission, and strategy. Then, examine its approach to its management and leadership of performance management in areas including, but not limited to, systems and processes, standards and measurement indices, and performance appraisals.

In a 5-6 page paper, discuss the following:

  • The degree to which the strategy and performance management of human resources is aligned
  • our own insights and thoughts about enhancing the alignment

Use APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate. The plagiarism percentage allowed is 20% only.

kindly share the selected organization with me before starting the work.

Hint: some of the Middle Eastern organizations are, Emirates Airline, Saudi Telecom Company, or you can search any other company.

attached are the subject textbook if you need it as a reference along with external references

performance management analysis

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