Personal reflection based on group presentation experience

Word limit: 600 words ( assignment must be submitted in a sans serif font – Arial – and 11-point font size and 1-inch margins. Use 1.5 spacement)
?5 references required and also must include this 2 books as follow in references because these are key textbooks of this module;
1.Ray French (2010), Cross-Cultural Management in Work Organisation;2nd edition. The Chartered Institute of Personal and Development.
2.Schneider, S. and Barsoux, J-L (2003) Managing across Cultures, Prentice Hall. London.

Other textbooks, journals and useful websites(the writer please use where applicable).
*****Turnitin®UK’, a special software package which is used to detect plagiarism.***** I have to test and submitted the written work for plagiarism using

‘Turnitin®UK’. The assignment will be submitted and marked using an online system – Turnitin. Please make sure when I submit online by myself, the similarity index of

the work should be none or less than 5% if possible and similarity of individual sources are very low.

-The essay must be very practical from real experience. References (theories, book, evidences etc..) will also be included through the work where appropriate but not

too theoretical. Try to make it simple and pretend that the writer was having this presentation.

Personal reflection (Based on group presentation experience)-holistic assessment
Student must reflect on their personal experience of working n a multi-cultural team and should include comments on the initial experience, problem encountered and

solutions developed. How this applies to your group work.
Learning outcomes;
-appreciate the complex nature of verbal and non verbal communication
-Identify good practice for motivating and leading workforces of different cultural background
-Experience the practicalities of working in a multi cultural team.

Assignment-Essay must explain your experience of working in an international team based on group presentation experience (holistic assessment)- the writer has to add

more explanation related to each question I mention with your own experience in your own way (i try to give brief information in my real group work experience before

and no the day of presentation)
How did you work together?–The group presentation can be between 2-4 people. I have decided to do presentation with 2 people in my group. I am Thai student worked

with a chinese teammate. We decided to work on the Topic "Branding and culture, country of origin effect -IKEA". We help each other to find information about

the topic and discuss in class during the week day at school and sometimes contact each other via email and phone. We did research from books and internet. We were

finalise main issues about the topic and each person will have to take responsible to add more information for the presentation on issues, each person will cover 3

issues each. I did the power point slides for our presentation and got feedback from my teammate over the phone. The presentation had to finish within 15-20 minutes. I

was the first person to start the presentation and flowered by my team mate. She was a chinese student and English is not our first language. I was trying to finish as

quick as I can and my teammate was spending too long to present and we both sometimes start reading some information from notes.
What were the problems?–We didn’t do rehearse together and presented too long ran overtime. We both didn’t prepare proper notes during the presentation. We often

started reading information from notes to audiences. That made the presentation was not professional, talk with no emotion and boring. During the presentation,

Sometimes lost information and skip some important points, missing eye contact. After the presentation ended, we got few questions &comments from teacher and

classmates. Some information on powerpoint slides, can’t show evidences and prove what we have explained, my teammate didn’t speak loud enough especially when start

reading from the note, the conclusion was weak need to summarise all main topic to audience. In general for our group presentation, the teacher gave comment that it

was acceptable, pick up and answer the topic and put lots of effort on the work.
How did you as a group resolve the problems?–We had problem about meeting and discuss about heading because we had to work on other assignments at the same time. So

we agreed to contact each other via email and phone. ON the presentation day, after we got comments from teacher, we know what are weak points of our group. So we can

improve in the future. (please add more info from the writer ‘s experience in the same situation related to this question)
Was there effective mutual adjustment?–please give some explanation from the writer experience related to this question.
What did you learn?–Time management is so important. I had few assignments to finish at the same time. I need more time to work on the presentation and do rehearse

together with my teammate and gave feedback to each other to improve before. I should take some main points and write down note instead of reading the whole

information. I don’t have a big conflict with my teammate because we both agree that each person has to do own research under topics we have to present. So we can have

own idea. However, we realise that if we work with bigger team more team members, we have to share more opinion and more conflicts would appear and take more time to

deal with it.

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