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204- Persuasive Proposal Project

Due Date: Tuesday, April 1st (hard copy, due in class)

Value: 20%

Required length: 1400-1600 words

Now, you’re resorting to starting a small business venture to become self-employed.

Your task is to write a persuasive proposal for this planned business or informational service you will offer. In the initial stages of this assignment, you were asked to think about a manual you would write, offering technical information for a specific audience. Now you need to be thinking about a hypothetical business venture that could be derived from that manual. You are proposing this business concept to a private investor (me).

Your proposal or business plan must include the following:

A Cover Sheet

A Table of Contents

An Executive Summary: Two paragraphs summarizing your business concept (shopping facilities on campus (vancouver island university nanaimo). The purpose of the summary is to catch an investor’s attention, giving them reasons to keep reading. Describe your service (or product) and its market potential. Highlight some things about your company and its leaders that will distinguish your business from the competition. Summarize your financial projections and indicate how much money you will need from investors or lenders and where it will be spent.

Mission and Objectives: Explain the purpose of your business and what you hope to accomplish.

Company and Industry: Give background information on the origins and structure of your venture and the characteristics of the industry.

Products or Services: Give a complete but concise description of your products or services, focusing on their unique attributes

Market and Competition: Provide data that will persuade investors that you understand your target market and can achieve your sales goals. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Marketing Strategy: Outline a strategy for identifying and contacting customers, setting prices, providing customer services, advertising, and so forth.

Critical Risks and problems: identify all negative factors and discuss them honestly.

A “Works Cited and Consulted” page following either AP style, Chicago style, or MLA style. The citation style you use doesn’t matter, so long as each of your proposal’s points are fully backed up with research.

your proposal should be about opening shopping facilities on the university campus.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

–Your inclusion of each of the above components

–Your proposal’s effective use of the three tools of persuasion (discussed in class)

–Grammar, punctuation, and basic writing mechanics

–Writing Style: tone, repetition, wordiness, word choice, concision, engagement

–Organization, paragraphing


–Documenting sources and conducting sufficient research

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