PNA100YAA Anatomy And Physiology For Practical Nursing

PNA100YAA Anatomy And Physiology For Practical Nursing

Celebrity Conditions: a study in Loss of Homeostasis. 
1. Locate and read an article(s) presenting a case for a disease/condition in a celebrity.  The article can be from any source you chose: newspaper, scientific journal, magazine, website, etc.  The article does not need to go onto detail about the condition, but simply make mention of the condition/illness.

2. State the system(s) that are affected by or dysfunctional in the disease. Summarize the normal anatomy and physiology of the system(s).

3. Summarize the characteristics of the disease. Include:
a. the basic pathophysiology
b. an overview of the epidemiology for the disease (i.e. who is at risk and in which populations does the condition develop). Include current Canadian statistics.

4. From the article and other resources, list 3 clinical indicators (manifestations: signs and symptoms) related to the disease with which your celebrity has been diagnosed. Relate each to the loss of homeostasis.

5. Identify at least two possible treatments for the condition, stating how the treatments restore homeostasis.

6. Include a title page  and a reference page; also please attach a copy of the article to the end of your assignment.

7. Use discussion/paragraph format with proper citing and APA format. Incorporate the questions in your discussion (i.e. do not copy the questions directly into the report).

PNA100YAA Anatomy And Physiology For Practical Nursing

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