Postcolonial Critisism


The story “Oriental Contingent” by Diana Chang forms the main basis under which this paper is written. It is from the background that post colonial effects are just but things that are present in the minds of individuals that the thesis of the paper is built. A discussion of the same has been done using a critical analysis of the two main characters: Lisa and Connie.

Story Summary

The “Oriental Contingent” by Diana Chang is introduced to the reader when Lisa Mallory and Connie Sung are meeting for the initial time. The silence that is in their meeting is very torturing and Lisa decides to ease the situation by clearly elaborating the fact that she is well aware of Connie in a vey detailed manner. Lisa calls Connie by her two names and even goes ahead to tell her that she is aware of her specialization in playing the violin (Chang 233). These facts amaze Collie to an extent of embarrassing her because she feels guilty for not knowing a Chinese like her in a foreign land. Connie claims that she is not yet settled in America since she is only a month old. This has made her perceive the world around her as a tough one to understand and clearly visualize


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