powepoint presentation

powepoint presentation.

Research and prepare a formal PowerPoint Presentation on the subtopics noted below. The scenario is that this is a formal presentation you will use to present to an Executive Team seeking your professional advice. Your presentation will be detailed and will include at least 10-15 slides with detailed notes in the Notes Section of

each slide. (These notes will correspond with what you would be saying as that particular slide is shown.) Consider this assignment a ‘capstone’ assignment for this course. Thorough work is expected with detailed notes in the Notes section of each slide (which will include citations where appropriate).


Include a minimum of 5 different peer-reviewed sources. Citations should be in the notes section of your slides. Your full reference listings for all citations will be on your final slide(s) and should be in APA format. (However, since this is a PPT presentation, there is no need to double-space. Use single-spacing for each listing and simply double-space

in-between each individual listing.)

  • Identify, define, and explain four potential organizational structures for future-oriented organizations. (i.e., What are four ways a 21st Century organization might be structured? What is at least one pro and con of each?
  • What three key points need to be considered before implementing an organizational restructure?
  • Which features will characterize the competitive business environment in the next 10 years and what three key practices will best prepare business leaders to respond?
  • What three people-related problems are likely to arise as a result of changes in the forms/structure of organizations? What are the implications of these problems? What three best practices would help minimize these problems?
  • Many companies think HR is simply for ‘compensation and benefits’ (i.e., the older notion of the Personnel Department ). To that end: Present three key reasons (and the rationale for each reason) why HR is a viable and strategic component of every organization.
  • FINAL SLIDE 3 slides: Identify (and discuss, as a closing slide) five key insights from this overall course.

powepoint presentation

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