quot;To Quote or Paraphrase?

“To Quote or Paraphrase?”Please respond to the following:

  • Assume that you are a tutor of entering freshmen who are struggling with how to write research papers and making decisions about when to paraphrase and when to quote. Explain two guidelines they should follow
  • Then, using the essay you selected to summarize, provide an example of an acceptable paraphrase and an unacceptable paraphrase. Choose from “Se habla Espanol” by Barrientos 57; “Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits” by Kim 62; “On becoming a writer” by Baker 66; “Farm girl” by Hemauer 83. Please cite the page number where your paraphrased material comes from.

Sample post:

Two guidelines for when to quote and when to paraphrase would be: Quote when the wording or idea of the source is so distinctive that it would lose something if re-worded. Paraphrase when what you really need to use is the idea of the source, but the specific wording isn’t that important.

Original: Hemauer page 85 “In eighth grade I really want to play baxketball, and after begging and pleading with my parents, they finally say I can join the team as long as I continue to help with chores in the morning before school and after practice.”

Acceptable paraphrase: In eighth grade, Hemauer begged her parents to let her join the basketball team. They agreed on the condition that she would continue helping with chores as usual.

Unacceptable paraphrase: In eighth grade, Hemauer really wanted to play, so she begged and pleaded with her parents, and they finally said she could as long as she continued to help with chores before school and after practice.

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