Radiation theraphy

Radiation theraphy


Your project should be limited to at least one text (film, novel, story, etc…) and no more than three. This research will become a ten page (2500 word) essay, so the focus, depth, and scope of your thesis should be appropriate. The proposal will include the following information, and the proposal must be accepted:
• The topic of your research as well as the purpose/reason for choosing this topic
• The intended audience of the research paper—if not your peers and myself
• An explanation as to how your topic is original and will build on existing scholarship rather than “adopting” another writer’s thesis or summarizing different viewpoints without a clear argument of your own (This is a research project and not a book report. Defending or refuting a scholar’s position is fine, but using another’s thesis as a springboard for your own response isn’t.)
• A list of the source material to be used as support for your thesis and an explanation of how and where the source(s) was located

Although no minimum or maximum limit of sources is necessary for the completion of this project, finding sufficient and reliable resources for this project will be your most difficult task. Utilizing the campus and university library system and using “good” sources to locate others by searching the works cited or bibliographies of writers is a good start. Remember, you can submit another proposal if you change your topic entirely, but don’t wait too long. All proposals must be typed, double spaced with one-inch margins.
Topic should focus on,
Benefits and risks of radiation therapy alternative treatments ie chemotherapy.

*Argue benefits should outweigh the risks
*and what’s the point of “my” argument


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