Random Number Generators

: Random Number Generators



Random number generators are described as a computer based device or a physical appliances design or programmed to generate numbers in sequence without a particular pattern. The generation not only involves production of number but also establishes basis to produce symbols. Generation of numbers have existed since ancient times but entailed various techniques of generating numbers rather than modern method that are continuously replacing the tradition techniques. The fact that unpredictability is highly valued in random number generation process, the procedure reflects the aspect of randomization. This is common to both traditional techniques and modern methods of generating random numbers for diverse applications in the society. The procedure used in generation of random number reflects the established norm as well as the required outcome of the process. The tradition process of random number generation involves dice and playing cards that were used for various reasons either to resolve issues or to spend leisure in communities.  The issue of random number generation has varying description and involved complex or simple mathematical arguments (Johnson, & Ceperley, 2001). However, in the current era of technological development in the globe random number generation has taken a different direction accommodating various random number generation techniques in the society through unification of the process by computer aided software. Based on diverse applications of random numbers both in government institutions and private sector, numerous systems have been formulated to facilitate meeting the laid down objectives

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