Red Bull analays report

Topic: Red Bull analays report

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This individual assessment requires
that students read and reflect upon the case study on Red Bull
(found in the textbook) and answer the 4 questions listed in the
case. Answers should be succinct, concise and focus on directly
answering the case-study questions using relevant consumer
behaviour theory. Students must support answers with clear
evidence (i.e. one scholarly article per question) in making
arguments. This assessment is designed to advance academic
writing skills, ability to synthesize marketing information and apply
consumer behaviour knowledge. The answers relate to topics
covered in weeks 1 to 4>> I will upload the 4 weeks topics > .
ALSO use the book as the main reference and one academic journal for each question . THE CASE STUDY WILL SUBMIT IN TURNITIN so BE AWAY FROMM THE PLAGIARISM. and here is the book reference so u can find it easily:
Schiffman, L., O?Cass, A., Paladino, A. and Carlson, J. 2013. Consumer Behaviour,
Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall: Australia
I WILL upload every thing relate to the case study report so u can know what u should write exactly .
if u need any thing just send me an email it will be easier for me than call me
thank u so much for the help.

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