Reflective Questions –

Reflective Questions –.

Reflective Questions for Presentations

Fall 2014

Please write out responses to these questions and submit them through Blackboard. This assignment is to be completed within one week of your audio presentation.

  1. What was your topic?


  1. What did you do for the project? Please specifically include the research you did for the project and discuss how the research you did may be similar to research you will do in the future.


  1. List your main points and write out what you now know about each of the points. How did you gain information about your topic? What did you learn about your topic through this project? Did presenting on the topic cause you to get to know the subject matter better?


  1. Three (3) characteristics of effective informative speaking have been identified: a speech should be intellectually stimulating, relevant to the audience, and creative. How did you incorporate these three (3) characteristics in your presentation?


  1. Identify 2 discoveries you made. What did you learn about yourself? Did you employ a new creative skill, do you see yourself as more confident? Did you become aware of assumptions you held – perhaps about the audience? Did you learn something new about delivering a presentation using technology?
  2. How did you analyze your audience? How did your analysis affect your planning for your presentation? How can you apply what you learned about adapting to the audience in your future career communication?
  3. In five lines of text describe what you would do differently. For example, would you prepare introductory remarks differently?


  1. How did the experience better help you understand what you are learning in the course?  Please address audience analysis, content development, organizing your speech, delivery, and incorporating feedback.


  1. Please describe how you can use what you learned from this experience in your career communication.


  1. Did you come across the way you wanted to? What elements do you want to work on in the future?


  1. This speech assignment has the elements of students addressing a real-world issue (STEM knowledge and interest for K-8 students visiting the museum), receiving feedback from the museum director Dr. Hayford, and delivery a presentation using technology. Was this assignment effective for you? Why or why not?Was the feedback you received helpful?

Reflective Questions –

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