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This assessment task relates to course learning outcomes numbers 1 to 5. Before starting this assessment read
the marking criteria (below) and information about business report writing on the Academic Learning Centre (ALC)
website: (Choose the ?Academic Communication? option.) The
course website also provides useful information in regard to the development of this assessment item. In
particular, you must read the Assignment Writing Requirements document at: This document outlines course specific assignment
requirements in some detail.
The primary purpose of this assessment task is to help students develop skills in the use of OM principles,
theories and models in the analysis of the current operations of a service industry organisation. The assignment
requires you to analyse the current situation, identify the operational problems within the organisation, and
develop a set of recommendations that, when implemented, will overcome the identified problems without creating
new ones. In this assessment piece you are expected to provide a solution, recommendations and action plan.
The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to further develop analysis and
problem identification and problem solving skills, as well as skills in presenting an argument for change within the
framework of a business report.
Assessment task 3 requires the writing of a professional business report. The report should critically review the
current situation, identify and analyse any problems that are in evidence, and demonstrate how those problems
should be addressed. As a business report it should be concise, accurate and actionable. At the same time, the
report should be founded on appropriate Operations Management principles and theories, and be supported by
appropriate evidence and discussion from relevant academic literature.
The assessment item is based on the case study titled Purchasing and Inventory at Brisbane Outdoor Power
Centre. You should read, and carefully analyse, the case and respond to the issues presented at the end of
th??????e case study within the context of a short business report. The objective of the case study is to provide
an operations management situation that can be studied and analysed. You will need to put yourself in the role of
a management professional who is asked to identify the nature of the problem(s), why or how the problem(s)
happened or evolved, and make recommendations that will resolve the situation.

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