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ASSIGNMENT #2 Representing Prince George
Places are the object of intense social and cultural attention, and different groups look to imbue places with specific meanings (i.e., identities, attributes) that privilege certain values, perspectives, and interests over others. In this assignment, you will look critically at the ways in which the City of Prince George represents itself to the world in order to attract visitors, migrants, and/or investors. This activity is sometimes called place marketing or place promotion, and it has been argued that globalization has made the ?selling? or ?branding? of place a more important undertaking because of heightened competition between places for investment capital, property tax revenues, and tourism receipts. A key part of place marketing is the deliberate manipulation of images and textual descriptions of place in order to appeal to potential ?consumers.? In many cases, place marketing efforts reveal, or suggest, a preference for certain kinds of ?consumers? over others. For these reasons, what is not included in representations of place is at least as important as what is included in order to decipher the underlying objectives, intentions, values, and biases of those undertaking place marketing. Your task is to visit the websites of two agencies of local government ? Initiatives Prince George and Tourism Prince George ? and prepare a report of the place marketing strategies employed in promoting the city.
Your report will address the following questions:
1. Thinking about the amenities, services, and characteristics of the city featured on the websites, what are the key similarities in the two representations of Prince George?
2. What are the key differences between the two representations? Why do you think certain features appeal to one target audience (e.g., tourists) but not the others (e.g., businesses or potential residents)?
3. Who do you think is the ?target demographic? (i.e., ideal type of consumer) in each case? Describe these targeted groups and explain your reasoning.
4. What characteristics of the city were left out of these two representations of the city? Why do you think these features or characteristics were left out?
The assignment must be word processed, double-line spaced, and between 750-1,000 words (approx. 3-4 pages) in length, exclusive of tables, maps, or illustrations (which are optional). You must reference any published materials that were consulted to complete the assignment. You may use any one of the following referencing styles: Chicago, Harvard, MLA, or APA. Whatever your choice, be consistent and accurate.
Your grade for this assignment will be determined by the following weighted criteria:
? Content and comprehensiveness – accuracy and relevance of information reported for each required item (80%);
? Clear evidence of research effort – including use of appropriate and reliable sources, proper and consistent referencing style (10%); and,
? Style – clear & concise writing, proper grammar, correct spelling, and overall neatness of appearance (10%). VALUE: 15%

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