Research Skills and Academic Literacy: The interactive effect of team dynamics and organizational support on ICT project success. International Journal of Project Management

Read the above article carefully and write a 300 word analytical critique of the paper following the Q5 structure.
1. What is the research question or questions?
2. What are the concepts?
3. What methods were used?
4. What were the findings?
5. So what? (eg what is the contribution, how good is the study overall, how does it compare with another paper in this field?)

Task 2 The Research Plan – Plan a new piece of work

Gelbard and Carmeli describe the limitations of their study in the final section of the paper (Appendix 1 below) and suggest future avenues for research, such as investigating the stakeholder’s influence on project success. They also suggest that qualitative techniques may be more successful.

Your task is to plan a new piece of research with a new research question
‘ What influence does different stakeholders’ involvement have in project success’.

You can choose the project domain and you will have to choose and justify, with evidence, an objective measure of project success. You should also include a consideration of the ethical, legal and professional issues that may be relevant. You will write a research plan based on the requirements given in the module guide for details.

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