respond to the instructor’s

respond to the instructor’s.

For each forum, you will respond to the instructor’s prompt by posting a 200 – 300-word thread in the Group Discussion Board.

, you should support your assertions and cite at least one source per post (and include a brief bibliography for your citation). All citations should adhere to Turabian formatting.

For centuries the church has practiced infant baptism, and this practice has existed in the Catholic Church as well as a large segment of Protestant churches (this is one area where the Reformers largely remained in agreement with the Catholic Church). One of the primary reasons why many Christians traditionally practiced infant baptism was to ensure and secure the eternal destiny of infants if they were to die prior to coming to an age where they might otherwise be able to come to faith (or for some, practice the sacraments of their own volition). In any case, for those who do not practice infant baptism, there is some debate as to whether or not all infants (and the unborn) go to heaven when they die. Furthermore, there is little consensus among those who believe that infants go to heaven as to the means by which they are received into heaven. Are infants who die before reaching an age of accountability essentially innocent of sin and therefore guiltless? Is the atoning work of Christ somehow applied to infants without their making a volitional decision to trust in Christ for salvation? In this discussion, state and support your view regarding the salvation of infants. This issue may require some level of research, but appendix issue 7 in the Across the Spectrum textbook may be a good place to get started.

respond to the instructor’s

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