Right then and there the father sensed that Nature had more power than his intelligence

1. In the Introduction to Decameron IV, we read: “Right then and there the father sensed that Nature had more power than his intelligence.” Discuss, including textual citations, how Boccaccio applies this principle in the Decameron.

2. The two love stories of Decameron IV, 1 & 5, have a tragic end, while the love story of Decameron V, 4 has a happy ending – Analyze the factors that lead their opposite endings. (include relevant textual citations)

3. M. Cottino-Jones sees Griselda (X,10) as a Christ figure (pp.295-305 of your textbook). But this tale can also be interpreted differently. Read the story carefully, and state an alternative interpretation.

When you write your assignments and exams, make sure that what you write is based exclusively on the material covered in class, and make specific references (direct text citations for the exams) to the readings covered in class. Exams are not research papers; therefore, there is no need to read external sources. you have to quote only the text to document your points. Keep in mind that if you decide to use material other than class notes without acknowledging it, you commit plagiarism, which results in failing the exams. Instruction:Do not write information that is not relevant to the topics. Be direct and concise. Before you submit your assignments get rid of anything that does not belong to the topic. Understand the topics before you write, and check it after to make sure you do not go off topic. If you notice that you are writing a summary of a plot, you are off topic. PS: This essay is very important to me, please write it as better as you can.

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