Safety Program Management

Safety Program Management
describe, in detail, the problem that you propose to investigate. Explain why it is relevant in the context of this course. Describe why it is worthy of your time and effort. Imagine that you are creating a proposal for an outside party (your instructor) to fund this investigation. Convince me why I should fund your project.
Proposed Methodology
Now that you have the reader’s interest in your problem describe how you will investigate it. In this area you have considerable latitude. Most research involves a literature review – a systematic analysis of the existing body of knowledge. This allows the researcher to determine what has already been asked about the problem, or similar problems, and can guide you in creating a methodology for your research. Remember, not all research involves experimental design!
Ethical Issues of the Investigation
This section may seem challenging at first. Everything that we are doing in this course involves people. Anytime we involve people in research we must ensure that their health, welfare, dignity, and human rights are protected at all times. I suggest a quick Google search of “Tuskegee experiments,” “Stanford prison experiment,” and “Milgram experiment” of examples of the very wrong way to do research. With this knowledge, describe what you see as possible ethical issues that may arise in your proposed investigation. Is there a potential for harm to any individual as a result of your research? If you can think of ways to mitigate the risk to individuals please describe it.
Use this section to summarize the details you have already presented. Use this area to restate your central ideas and sell your proposed research investigation. Please remember that the paper will be electronically checked for plagiarism – let’s just not even open that door please. If you are having trouble with your paper contact me before the due date – don’t just rip off someone else’s work. If it’s on the Internet, the software WILL find it.
As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

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