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EB3101 Group Production Task – Writing of a Sales Promotion (10%)


As part of the group project, you need to produce a sales promotion letter for a new local social enterprise in 400-500 words.


Which client has been assigned to your group? Refer to the project brief.




Your corporate communications agency has been invited by a new organization (Company Name call: Silver-Lining)to give a pitch presentation with a view to convincing them you are a good fit for the job of organising their public launch and helping them with their PR and marketing strategies.


Preparing a sales promotion letter is part of what you need to do to show your client your expertise.


** Mainly talk about a grand opening ceremony




Think about the target audiences (everyone?), the ends (purposes), the channel of communication and how to make it effective.


Organise the text in moves / acts appropriately in order to achieve the communicative purposes.   Also include appropriate linguistic features, e.g. emotive words to arouse desired feelings in the audience and use of ‘you/we approach’ to build rapport. What is the key you want, more or less formal* (It should be less formal in the letter)


You also need to consider the layout and non-linguistic features. You could include images and captions. You could use fonts of different sizes and boldface, for example. You may have already designed a logo and a slogan for the organisation. Why not include them?


You are advised to refer to Hymes’ SPEAKING model, analysis of the genre in question, and Cialdini’s six principles of influence in the PowerPoint files of Weeks 4, 5 and 7.







EB3101 Pitch Project Breif (50% of assessment)



  1. To help an organization with its public launch
  2. To manage their image and raise their profile
  3. To convince the potential client that your ideas will effectively gain publicity and build their positive image
  4. To be able to pitch your ideas professionally to the organization so as to win the contract.


Pitch to a Prospective New Client: new local restaurant

                      Company Name call: Silver-Lining


The client is a new local restaurant operated by an elderly concern group in Hong Kong.  It is located in Fanling with its own organic farm.  As a non-profit-making social enterprise, they want to promote healthy eating and send a message to the Hong Kong community that the elderly could contribute to society as a workforce.

Corporate Communications Needs

The new business is looking for a corporate communications agency whose PR department can organise the public launch of the company with as much publicity as possible, then continue to manage their image and raise their profile. Your pitch to them should include:

·        recommended business name, logo, mission statement & corporate slogan

·        one pre-launch idea e.g. blogging, sharing content on social media and crowdfunding

·        a launch event with the maximum impact

·        a press release announcing the launch

·        analysis of stakeholders (see the corporate communications wheel)

·        outline of how you would communicate with key stakeholder groups

·        outline of the messages you would communicate to different stakeholders and the kind of language you would use

·        ideas on aspects of image such as colour, fonts, pictures



Advertising Needs

The new business is looking for a corporate communications agency whose marketing/advertising department can design a marketing and advertising strategy to inform people about its products and its ethos. Your pitch should include:

·        an outline of your ideas for an advert to attract customers

·        a sales promotion letter to publicise the restaurant

·        general ideas on how to market the restaurant

·        analysis of potential target customers and how you would communicate with them

·        an outline of the kind of language and AIDA strategies you would use in communications with potential customers




You should research similar social enterprises on the internet to get ideas – but don’t copy anything.

Your pitch should be professional and appropriate to the simulated context.

Remember everything you say and do (or don’t do) communicates something.

Make sure there is consistency across all the ideas you propose.






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