Samsung differentiate

Samsung differentiate

Question 1 How does Samsung differentiate its products from competitors?
Question 2 Explain the consumer behaviour characteristics that are likely to influence
consumer purchases of this new product.
Case Study
Samsung GALAXY S4
Life Companion
Samsung is a South Korean headquartered multinational company whose origins can be traced to 1969. Samsung Group has a diverse business portfolio which covers both consumer and business to business products. Samsung Electronics is its key subsidiary which is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones and televisions. The company became the world’s biggest manufacturer of smartphones in 2012 when it outsold Apple in the first quarter of the year selling more than 45 million smartphones. Whilst the company has focused on product innovation as its strategic thrust, it has also has a wide variety of smartphones than Apple. Whilst Apple launches one iPhone model per year, Samsung introduces more than 50 variations of Galaxy smartphones per year which explains its rapid growth in market share in the last three years.

In March 2013, Samsung launched its new Galaxy S4 series in New York. The launch was the most eagerly awaited smartphone launch of the year after Apple had introduced its latest iPhone the previous year. Samsung and Apple are the world’s two biggest manufacturers of smartphones, a market that is worth over $219 billion. Competition in the segment is very intense thereby making effective marketing a key success factor. Thus Samsung focused on delivering a smartphone targeted at simplifying consumers’ day to day lives by integrating design features which offer consumers flexibility especially those who engage in multi-tasking. Key features of the new phone include shared screens which allow consumers to share each other’s favourite music, files and games. The phone can be integrated into consumers’ home entertainment systems thereby expanding their entertainment options. Besides launching the new Galaxy series, Samsung has aggressively expanded its Samsung shops across the globe in order to maximize its distribution capacity and to get closer to its customer base.



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